Manage Affiliates & Influencers with Custom Reports

Use Partner Marketing Reports to share access to real-time sales and campaign data, filtered and customized for specific marketing partners

    • Give marketing partners (affiliates) access to real-time sales and customer data
    • Ensure partners only access data that is relevant to their campaigns
    • Customize reports by specific affiliate, marketing funnel, or multiple other filter options

    Demand generation is the hardest part of DTC ecommerce - that’s why many brands leverage affiliates, influencers, and agency partners to help move the needle on sales. 

    These marketing partners, however, know their value lies in the results that they provide. To make informed decisions, sophisticated partners expect full visibility into real-time, first-party data directly from the brand’s ecommerce platform. They need to analyze media buying data and sales results, and optimize their strategies on the fly to be successful. 

    On 29 Next, those data are shared through Partner Marketing Reports.

    29 Next makes it simple for brands to recruit, engage, and keep marketing partners happy and up to date. Thanks to 29 Next’s Partner Marketing Reports, brands can generate targeted, customized reports in just a few clicks from their Dashboard. Affiliates, influencers, and other partners are then able to be granted access to them in their own dedicated 29 Next account.

    What are Partner Marketing Reports on 29 Next?

    Partner Marketing Reports on 29 Next are a simple and effective way to share accurate sales data with marketing partners. Using 29 Next’s custom report builder, sellers choose exactly which data they share with a given partner by including or excluding sales data points such as Product, Marketing Funnel, Affiliate ID, and UTM tags, among many others. 

    For comparison, sellers on Shopify are unable to create custom reports unless they are in the Advanced or Plus tier.

    Once a report is created, sellers can invite specific partners to access the report directly on 29 Next. This means that each partner can then have their own custom report that only shows data relevant to their campaigns. Partners can access these reports at any time and watch the data update in real-time. 

    How to Set Up Partner Marketing Reports

    Setting up Partner Marketing Reports on 29 Next is easy and takes just a few minutes to complete. You can read more about the process in our documentation, or follow the steps below:

    What are the Benefits of Sharing Partner Marketing Reports?

    The ability to create and share custom reports with marketing partners provides many advantages beyond just equipping your partners with actionable data. 

    For sellers, your first-party data remains fully in your control, meaning you don’t have to reveal any private data or reveal other marketing sources. Your partners see what you want them to see. Additionally, sellers can establish trust with their partners by transparently sharing access to accurate sales data directly on 29 Next. 

    At the other end, access to on-platform data satisfies marketing partners’ and affiliates’ preference to have this direct access, as it streamlines their workflows. Access to Partner Marketing Reports on 29 Next affords partners more autonomy in monitoring campaign performance and builds trust in the seller as they can see true first-party data about their performance. No more worrying about brands modifying numbers to save money. 

    Partners who work with multiple brands on 29 Next can also leverage SSO to access multiple brands’ reports from a single account. 

    Maximize Performance Marketing Efforts with 29 Next

    Fully customizable Partner Marketing Reports is just one of many features on 29 Next that enhances a brand’s performance marketing and drives identifiable results. By transparently sharing data, sellers and affiliates can create more attractive offers through deeper collaboration, which enables them to fine-tune and squeeze more revenue out of each campaign.

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