29 Next x Hotjar - Visualize Your Customer Journey with Hotjar

Use Hotjar to gain unparalleled visual insights into how your customers interact with your webstore

  • Add the Hotjar app on 29 Next to gain unrivaled insight into your customer’s behavior
  • Use Hotjar’s video recordings and heatmaps to make informed improvements to your website
  • Connect with 29 Next and see the full customer journey without any code or checkout workarounds

Wouldn’t it be nice to peel back the curtain and see just how your customers interact with your website? Imagine all of the guess-free content and UX/UI optimization you could perform with screen recordings of customer visits and heat maps showing the most-visited elements of your site?

Luckily, we have Hotjar, an app that 29 Next sellers can seamlessly connect to their stores without editing any code.

If you haven’t used Hotjar before, you might be missing out on one of the must-have DTC tools. It’s one of the most useful and efficient ways to collect and analyze first-party data. If you’re familiar with Hotjar, we’ll cover how to link it with your 29 Next store below.

What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a consumer behavior analysis tool which allows website owners to capture real customer activity on their site. Users can enable Hotjar to screen record customers’ visits, which marketers can then watch and annotate. When making website improvements, they can create filters and group similar customers together to create a clearer picture of each of their customer profiles.

Hotjar additionally generates heatmaps and scrollmaps that show the specific places on a website a composite of customers spend most of their time. These maps give insights into not only what their customers are attracted to, but also what they are ignoring. Plus, if you make a change, users can compare maps from before and after the changes were implemented.

Here's an example of a heatmap from Hotjar:

Image from Hotjar

Both video recordings and maps reveal more about user activity than any numbers or feedback. But if you want that extra layer of customer data, you can create feedback pop-outs and customer surveys with ease.

It’s no secret why Hotjar is preferred by leading businesses across all industries - from the landing page through the checkout, Hotjar lets users witness their customer journey in action.

Connecting Hotjar with 29 Next

Linking your Hotjar account with your 29 Next store is simple and can be done in just a few clicks and without any custom coding or code editing. Simply add the app in the 29 Next Dashboard and enter the Seller ID generated within your Hotjar account. Once it’s enabled, you can record a few test visits and view them on Hotjar before you’re ready to collect real first-party data.

With 29 Next, Hotjar is able to capture the entire customer journey and is not restricted to the pre-checkout as it is on Shopify. This is critical for DTC brands, as watching your customer’s checkout behavior can give you clear information about abandoned carts, preferred payment options, upsell decisions, and more.

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