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Quickly create and launch discount and promotional campaigns from our revamped Offers portal

  • New Offers dashboard makes creating and optimizing promotions faster and easier
  • Boost partner marketing with custom coupons that are fully trackable
  • Upgrade single-offer products into a brand with lifelong customers 

Introducing potential customers to your product with an attractive promotion is one of the most effective ways to turn leads into sales. Being able to create, optimize, and deploy unique offers and campaigns is how you turn your online store into a high performance, ubiquitous brand. 

New for 29 Next merchants: an easier, more efficient way to create and launch promotions and campaigns via our Offers portal. Our latest update streamlines the creation, cloning, and management processes using a single-page, intuitive builder, helping you quickly build custom promotions that help you convert. 

“Offers” on 29 Next is the catch-all term for promotions and discounts applied to individual products or ranges of products that meet a set of custom-defined conditions. Marketers can create entire campaigns around a particular offer, such as a “Buy 2 & Save 40% on clearance Items” or a “15% holiday discount for first-time buyers” – all tailored to their target audience.

The focus of our revamped Offers portal is on customization and simplicity. Let’s look at how to create attractive offers with our latest update. 

How to Create Offers on 29 Next

Creating, editing, and launching new Offers from the 29 Next dashboard is easy and more intuitive after our latest update. In a few simple steps, you can formulate, test, and set new promotional offers live in just a matter of minutes. Here’s an overview of the building process.


Name the offer, select the desired currency (necessary for shops that sell in multiple currencies), and choose between a full site-wide offer, or one redeemable via coupon code. Brands running multiple offers can determine the priority of a given offer in this section as well. 


Set the conditions to activate the offer. Select the product range and decide if the condition parameter is the total cart value or the product quantity - both total number of products or total number of distinct products. The conditional threshold is fully controllable by the user.


Choose what will happen if the conditions are satisfied, with options such as percentage or fixed-value discounts, shipping discounts, and free product giveaways. Users can decide on the amount to discount, both as a percentage or a fixed rate.  


If the offer is tied to a subscription, choose to apply the offer to subscription line items and/or for first-time purchases only, for cases where you might want to discount only the first month in a recurring plan.


Make each offer exclusive, or allow customers to stack and combine your offer with other discounts – fully at your control. 


Set the date range for when your offer should begin and end, as well as create limits on the number of applications per cart, per customer, and in total across your entire store. 

Once ready, you can launch the offer and test it out for yourself from the storefront. Offers can also be edited at any time.

Easy enough, right? Below, we build a brand new offer: 10% discount on orders over $50, for first-time subscribers only. 

Incentivize Sales with Custom Coupons 

You can provide additional flexibility and customization for your campaigns with coupons. Create them via the Coupon dashboard under the “Offers” menu, by adding a name, custom code, and date range. You can also create limitations on who can use a given coupon, including creating a single-use coupon for a unique customer as a part of your customer support process.

Coupons work in tandem with offers, but are not tied to a specific offer one-to-one. This means you can attach multiple offers to a single coupon code, which is useful for tiered discount offers, or when you want to allow customers to stack multiple offers during promotional periods. For example, a promotional campaign offering discounts for volume might require a few offers, such as “Buy 1 save 10%,” “Buy 2 save 15%,” and so on. Each of those offers can be attached to a single coupon code, so that for whatever quantity the customer chooses, the proper discount tier will apply.

Similarly, you can create multiple coupons for a single offer, such as when assigning coupons to affiliates or marketing partners. A single offer of “10% OFF,” for example, can be shared to multiple marketing partners, each with their own unique coupon code. You can then track the sales performance in the “Orders” tab by filtering by coupon code, or in the Orders by Coupon report.

Use Offers to Generate Enhance Remarketing and Repurchasing

Using offers in your remarketing and repurchasing strategies is a great way to build brand value. Many customers are motivated to buy when sent an attractive offer, especially those who need a little extra push to make an initial purchase, such as shoppers who abandon carts at checkout. Create specific offers for these new customers, and send them out as part of your remarketing strategy.

Additionally, you can reward existing customers by sending them periodic offers, such as during promotional periods or when new products are available. Since you already have the customer and know they have high purchase intent for your products, you’ll generate more lifetime value with an attractive offer while also boosting brand equity. 

Making the Most of Offers on 29 Next 

While the key to a good offer is making it attractive to the customer, managing multiple offers simultaneously can charge up sales growth across different products and ranges, and appeal to a wider audience of customers. 

When creating new offers that are similar to existing offers, be sure to utilize the Clone feature to save time and reduce the risk of error. Cloning an offer will fully copy the parameters of the existing offer, leaving only minor adjustments to be made. This feature is particularly efficient when creating tiered offers or relaunching a successful offer from an old campaign with a few tweaks.

To save time on creating offers, group products bound for a broad discount, such as a clearance or end-of-season sale, under a specific product range. With all the products in one range, blanketing the offer to cover the entire range makes creating promos so much easier.

Accelerate Building a Brand with 29 Next

Offers are a proven way to generate new customers, and with 29 Next, you can turn those new customers into life-long customers and brand advocates. Don’t just stop at one successful offer - leverage your first-party data and 29 Next’s advanced Customer Support tools to push dynamic offers that win customers for the long run.

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