29 Next x Google Pay: Capitalize on a World of Digital Shoppers

With over 100 million global users, Google Pay is a leading digital wallet with tremendous adoption outside of North America. By offering Google Pay, you can reduce friction at checkout and improve conversion rates with your global customers

Every day, shoppers around the world rely on Google Pay to quickly and seamlessly check out at their favorite online stores. Convenience, speed, and reduced payment friction are the keys to increasing conversion rates at checkout, and Google Pay is a leading digital wallet that provides merchants with all of these benefits.

29 Next merchants can now offer Google Pay as a payment option in their storefront checkouts and on custom checkouts over the API, a move that will elevate the checkout experience for global customers and help boost conversion rates, while drastically reducing abandoned carts – all at no extra cost.

Google Pay's global footprint is undeniable; it boasts a staggering and growing user base with over 100M users globally. This extensive reach creates significant potential for merchants to tap into multiple new markets and capitalize on them by offering a preferred payment option.

Reach a Growing Cohort of Digital Shoppers Using Google Pay

Hearing that around 10% of online shoppers use Google Pay might sound surprising to some readers, especially in the US, Canada, and UK, where a cultural proclivity towards Apple products has made Apple Pay the leading digital wallet. Across the rest of the world, however, Google Pay and Android OS phone usage is much higher.

In recent years the global pandemic ushered in a new era of digital payment adoption, for both merchants and shoppers alike. Various lockdown protocols forced many cash-intensive markets, many of which are in developing countries, to quickly adopt and trust digital payments. And it is in these developing countries where Android OS owns the highest market share and where Google Pay has the highest potential to be the preferred payment method. 

Globally, Android OS has around 70% market share, with high adoption in India (95%), Brazil (81%), and Mexico (77%), the world’s 5th, 9th, and 12th largest  economies, respectively. Considering these numbers, the increasing usage of digital wallets, and growing comfort with online shopping worldwide, Google Pay’s potential as a leading preferred payment option wallet is clear. 

Reduce Friction at Checkout by Setting Up Google Pay on Your 29 Next Store

By offering Google Pay, you’ll remove a key barrier that could have prevented a potential sale - inconvenience. When it's time to make a purchase, all it takes is a click on the Google Pay button and a quick customer authentication, ensuring a swift and hassle-free checkout experience. For some, the mere presence of the trusted Google Pay button can encourage shoppers to complete their purchase. 

This is particularly vital for DTC brands that rely on dynamic offers and targeted ad spending. Your checkout should increase the likelihood of a customer completing a sale during their first visit to your store, and Google Pay is your ally.

To set up Google Pay on your 29 Next store, you first need to apply for a Google Pay Business Profile. During this process you will link your store to the Business Profile using your store’s Primary Domain. Once your profile is approved, you can create a Google Pay account from your 29 Next Payments dashboard and finish enabling it as a checkout option from there.





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