29 Next x Disputifier - Defend Your Business Against Chargebacks

New to the 29 Next app store: Disputifier! Improve your chargeback prevention and gain a valuable ally in fighting chargebacks and fraud with Disputifier

When you’re an ecommerce store owner, managing chargebacks is an inevitable reality. Fortunately, there are tools to help you prevent and manage them effectively in order to sustain a thriving business. Disputifier, now available to 29 Next merchants via the App Store, promises an automated solution that can both prevent and contest chargebacks. Disputifier not only shields your merchant accounts but also helps in the recovery of lost revenue.

A sudden surge in chargebacks can deal a heavy blow to your financial health, clog up your workflows, and divert focus away from generating sales. Having a tried and trusted primary line of defense like Disputifier always working for you is paramount in preventing and fighting pesky and cumbersome chargebacks. 

What is Disputifier?

Disputifier is innovative software designed to automate payments dispute management. It employs cutting-edge technology to both preemptively block risky transactions with chargeback potential and effectively contest them if and when they do occur. Disputifier takes the brunt of the hard work in dealing with chargebacks, leaving you more time to focus on growth.

It’s right there on their website - “Fight and Win Chargebacks on Autopilot”. Disputifier runs in the background, checking in on every payment attempt and gathering data to fight chargebacks should they occur. In a similar vein to 29 Next, Disputifier understands the challenges that fast-growing and high-volume merchants face and has created a solution that is effective in both making the merchant’s life easier and improving the customer experience. 

How Does Disputifier Work?

At the core of Disputifier's operation is a blend of self-improving AI and machine learning algorithms that rapidly derive the safest and most successful course of action, both in preventing and fighting chargebacks. These technologies empower the platform to continually enrich and improve its strategies for managing chargebacks, always keeping the merchant ahead of the game. 

Optimized Response Submission

Disputifier deploys a rigorous split-testing approach to response submission. By constantly analyzing and iterating on its response strategies, it maximizes win rates in chargeback disputes, ensuring your business retains as much revenue as possible. Disputifier boasts an impressive 67% average increase in chargeback win rate, metric that should turn the head of any DTC merchant.

Integrating Disputifier with 29 Next

If you’re already a 29 Next merchant and are looking for a robust solution to managing chargebacks, here’s how installing the Disputifier app can carry the chargeback burden and get you back focusing on revenue.

Safeguard Your Merchant Accounts Against Fraudulent Activities

Disputifier's vigilant monitoring and analysis significantly mitigates the risks associated with fraudulent transactions. Transactions that Disputifier deems are high risk will be rejected, reducing the likelihood you’ll run into any issues with your merchant accounts. 

Save Time and Avoid Manually Managing Chargebacks

Disputifier’s automated solutions not only protect your business, they protect you from draining valuable time that can be better spent on core business operations. With Disputifier in your corner, you avoid having to dig through sales receipts or deal with navigating appeals with the payment processors. 

Automate Account Management for an Improved Customer Experience 

On the defense front, once a customer attempts a purchase that Disputifier deems to be fraud, it automatically blocks that user from making further purchases and cancels any associated subscriptions (you can view this in your 29 Next dashboard).  Additionally, Disputifier can automate customer support by working with the customer to resolve their problems, such as providing evidence of a shipped order. This can reduce your Order Unreceived disputes by up to 80% and lead the customer to withdraw their chargeback entirely. 

To get started with Disputifier on 29 Next, simply install the app and enter the email address on record with Disputifier when prompted. Then, follow the steps given to complete the integration.

Having payment disputes mitigator like Disputifier on your front line protecting your 29 Next store is a prudent and necessary step towards fortifying your business against the financial and operational pitfalls posed by chargebacks. And now, an ally like that is just one click away.

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