Subscriptions / Auto Recurring Billing

Harness the power of fully-managed subscription commerce

29 Next helps you maximize customer value with powerful subscription commerce capabilities. Automate Payments, schedule recurring billing, salvage declined transactions and more, using 29 Next APIs or the intuitive Dashboard UI.

29 Next Subscriptions:

  • Give your customers the option to purchase any products or bundles on a subscription, installment, or one-time basis.
  • Custom Intervals allow days, weeks, or months frequency options for subscriptions on any product, package, or bundle. Let your customers choose how much and how often they order.
  • Dynamic Offers incentivize your customers to buy more to save more, subscribe & save, and opt for add-ons to increase value and optimize order values -- either once or on a recurring basis.
  • Mixed Carts of recurring and non-recurring items in the same checkout are fully supported.

Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Customers can easily login with a single click to their hosted store accounts on any device. Subscribers can modify, pause, delay, or cancel recurring billing, saving your customer service team from hand-holding the most common use-cases. Maximize recurring revenue and minimize churn with customized downsell paths, offering your customers unique incentives and price points to stay on and avoid cancellations. Minimize disputes by offering your customers a clean and straightforward method to self-cancel recurring payments, compliant with CCPA and payment card regulations.

Automated Communication

29 Next automates the communication between your brand and your subscribers, in multiple languages. Customize any and all automated notifications to match the voice of your brand so you can maintain a close relationship with your customers, reduce churn, and increase visibility into recurring charges. Notify customers of their new subscription, upcoming recurring billing cycles, processed charges, and more.

Smart Decline Salvage

by 29 Next can significantly impact the recovery of failed transactions and preserve subscriber relationships, both key drivers of customer lifetime value and brand value. 29 Next’s internal research shows that brands can add over 13% to their monthly topline revenue by opting for Smart Decline Salvage. 29 Next automatically performs the decline salvage (dunning) for failed recurring payments by scheduling, timing, and optimizing attempts to minimize fees.

Every 29 Next store includes access to Visa & Mastercard Account Updater, which automatically updates expiring credit and debit cards. Avoid recurring billing declines for expiring cards and maximize your subscription retention.

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