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29 Next was founded to power a new generation of performance-oriented, digital-first brands. Our passion is in helping brands find ways to deliver amazing customer experiences, while constantly improving their profit margins.

For larger scale merchants with multiple payment acquirers, our Smart Transaction Routing technology can improve initial sale acceptance by 5-7% or more, by automatically routing transactions to the best performing gateway for each unique cardholder. Transaction routing rules are updated seamlessly and in real-time, and continually optimized from 100s of millions of source transactions from 120+ payment providers around the world. No other ecommerce platform can offer your brand this special edge.

Smart Decline Salvage can significantly impact the recovery of failed transactions and preserve subscriber relationships, both key drivers of customer lifetime value and -- importantly -- brand value. 29 Next’s internal research shows that brands can add over 13% to their monthly topline revenue by opting for Smart Decline Salvage. 29 Next automatically performs the decline salvage (dunning) for failed recurring payments by scheduling, timing, and optimizing the format of re-attempts to maximize approval rates and minimize fees. Reducing involuntary subscriber churn has a major compounding effect on ongoing recurring revenue and customer lifetime value.

29 Next’s In-Checkout Upsell Bumps help maximize your profits at the point of sale in a flexible and personalized way. Every Product in your Catalogue can be configured to carry unlimited “Recommended” Upsell products, which are presented to your customers at the checkout. You can assign a ranking to your upsell items to change the order of priority in which they’re displayed to your customers, allowing for rapid split testing and upsell revenue optimization. In-checkout upsells can be added with a single click, enabling zero-friction revenue maximization.

Every 29 Next store includes access to Visa & Mastercard Account Updater, which automatically updates expiring credit and debit cards. Avoid recurring billing declines for expiring cards and maximize your subscription revenue and retention.

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