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A unified view of the customer, marketing performance, fulfillment and more…

The most powerful digital brands are measured by the strength of the relationships they forge with their customers, maximizing retention and revenue while building long-term brand equity.

29 Next empowers your brand to identify, win, and nurture your highest value customers.


29 Next acts as the single source of truth for your brand, with tools to manage customers, orders, payments, subscriptions, service touch points, and marketing events across all of your channels. You can segment customer data in virtually unlimited ways, using metadata tags for analytics and engagement strategies on custom cohorts. Webhooks allow you to signal other apps or third party platforms with events at any stage of the customer lifecycle.

Customer Lifecycle Automation

Modern ecommerce customers expect instant checkouts, fast and trackable shipping, and customer service on demand. High demand brands often struggle to meet expectations. Whether you’re taking credit card orders online, or selling offline with cash on delivery, bank transfers, or invoices, 29 Next integrates seamlessly to your fulfillment provider of choice, and keeps the customer at the center of your operations.

From the time a customer visits your web store to place an order, 29 Next orchestrates the entire lifecycle:

  • Customers securely checkout with their preferred payment method, creating an account for ongoing communication and management.
  • Automatically send transactional email or SMS confirmations of order, shipping events, recurring billing events, and more. All event-driven communication is customizable and every touch point rolls up to power deep analytics.
  • Attribution data and custom metadata associated to a customer’s session is automatically stored with each order, and can be fed back to marketing platforms to optimize media buys.
  • Customers can login to their account with one click, adjusting billing and shipping info, managing orders, subscriptions, and submitting support requests into the integrated Ticket center.
  • Order Statuses update on the Dashboard at every step, allowing your back office team a clear view of the customer’s journey for easy troubleshooting and support.

29 Next easily extends with integrations like Parcel Perform and Omnisend. Create custom engagement workflows based on touch points like shopping cart abandons, order and shipping statuses, and gain clear insight into any delivery trouble spots.

Flexible Commerce

29 Next supports unlimited combinations of products, pricing, and sales models. Straight sale, recurring billing, mixed carts, funnels, fully hosted checkout, or headless commerce -- there are no limits. We make no assumptions about how you sell, and instead give you the power to define your own customer paths with our flexible APIs and integrations.

29 Next is the complete B2C CRM, from the initial engagement process, to automating order fulfillment and upsells, through post-sale multi-channel customer service.

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