Marketing Funnels

All-in-one brand presence for performance marketers

29 Next layers an intuitive content management system on top of its robust ecommerce engine. Create beautiful interactive sales funnels, lead magnets, multi-variant landing pages, or fully realized web stores with just a few clicks. Maximize conversion rates by ensuring your customers’ shopping experience is just as well curated as the products they’re buying.

Unlike other platforms that require expensive add-ons, 29 Next Funnels is fully integrated and included out of the box for all account types.

With 29 Next Funnels:

  • Fully-customize landing page designs, page ordering, and URL formats.
  • Duplicate and version funnels and sub-pages, split-test, and publish on the fly.
  • Make designer and developer-friendly sites with the UI based HTML code & script editor, with instant publishing to CDN
  • Revision history keeps your assets secure, allowing for easy auditing and one-click rollbacks
  • The unified Checkout flow maintains UX consistency, security, and PCI compliance so you don’t have to.
  • Use the pre-built responsive, mobile-friendly integrated side-cart, buttons, forms, or craft your own.
  • Drive unmatched conversion rates with “Straight-A” page performance using Funnels seamless and instant CDN integration of code, scripts, and assets.

Fastest, Highest Converting Funnels:

Best of all, there’s no need to maintain web servers, and you never have to worry about uptime and security for your high-traffic campaigns.

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