Marketing Automation & Attribution

Leverage key data to turbo-charge your marketing

29 Next integrates to Facebook, Google, Taboola, and a wide variety of ad tracking platforms, so you can identify your best performing media channels, hone your message, and target your best customer segments on the fly.

UTM parameters and social tracker events are seamlessly attributed to customer order data, with custom metadata options, sales agent attribution, and a variety of third party tracking tools supported. Feed event-level data and customer behavior metrics back to your media platforms of choice to constantly improve ROAS (return on ad spend).

Marketing Automation

29 Next integrates to platforms like Omnisend, enabling you to segment and reach your customers at any stage of the customer journey. Customers can be automatically retargeted with product-specific marketing based on abandoned shopping carts, purchasing behaviour, and more. Don’t just limit your communications to email, leverage push notifications, SMS, Messenger and more, to serve your customer where they are most comfortable.

Need to go deeper?

With our integration to Everflow, you can build and track partner channels with ease. Track sales performance and automate third-party attribution from media agencies, influencers, affiliates, and more. Post-back events such as sign-ups, orders, recurring orders, and more, to build complex partner commissioning throughout the entire customer lifecycle.

29 Next includes integration to Parcel Perform to optimize shipping methods, times, and costs. Gain insights into shipping performance, build standardized tracking templates across multiple global carriers, and more.

Block Lists & Dispute Management

Brands with high transaction volumes unfortunately must face the occasional dispute with customers, or worse -- instances of consumer fraud. 29 Next offers comprehensive tools to automate workflows around Fraud Prevention, Disputes, Chargebacks, and Alerts, ensuring that your customers receive timely resolutions to their concerns. 29 Next is integrated to Midigator, so high volume brands can automate dispute resolution management, and gain key insights into the sources of risk.

Additionally, custom Block Lists stop unfriendly card holders, IPs, and can filter out transactions from specified Card BINs, reducing fraud risk and maximizing transaction efficiency. 29 Next integrates to MaxMind minFraud service where you can build transaction rule sets to prevent fraud in your checkout -- reducing costs, as well as keeping your payment acquirers happy.

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