Flexible Payments & Checkout

Frictionless, efficient payments for high performance brands

With 29 Next, your customers can interact with your brand in their local language, pay in their local currency, and receive shipments quickly. 29 Next supports a wide range of payment types via our integrations to over 120+ global payment gateways to offer the ultimate flexibility in payment providers.

  • Credit and debit cards
  • Direct bank transfer
  • Cash-on-Delivery
  • Offline Settlement
  • Loyalty Rewards Points

Both the storefront and marketing funnels integrate the secure Checkout. 29 Next handles your PCI-DSS requirements end to end, so you can focus on building your brand. Customize the look and feel of your Checkout, either by implementing any Bootstrap 4+ compatible ecommerce template, or designing your own via 29 Next’s theme code development environment that is made available to every account.

In-Checkout Upsell Bumpshelp maximize your profits at the point of sale in a flexible and personalized way. Every Product in your Catalogue can be configured to carry unlimited “Recommended” Upsell products, which are presented to your customers at the checkout. You can assign a ranking to your upsell items to change the order of priority in which they’re displayed to your customers, allowing for rapid split testing and upsell revenue optimization. In-checkout upsells can be added with a single click, enabling zero-friction revenue maximization.

Security without sacrificing functionality

All accounts come with a secure and unique Token Vault, allowing you to store customer payment data in a trusted environment without payment provider lock-in. That means that your returning customers can one-click checkout using their cards on file, eliminating friction and maintaining a strict security gap for sensitive data.

Every 29 Next store additionally includes access to Visa & Mastercard Account Updater to automatically update expiring credit and debit cards. Avoid recurring billing declines for expiring cards and maximize your subscription revenue and retention.

Block Lists & Dispute Management

Brands with high transaction volumes unfortunately must face the occasional dispute with customers, or instances of consumer fraud. 29 Next offers comprehensive tools to automate workflows around Disputes, Chargebacks, and Alerts, ensuring that your customers receive timely resolutions to their concerns. Additionally, it’s easy to configure custom Block Lists to block unfriendly card holders, or filter out transactions from specified Card BINs, reducing fraud risk and maximizing transaction efficiencies.

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