Dynamic Offers

Intuitive rules-based promotions, coupons, vouchers, and more

Performance ecommerce requires measurable, flexible promotions that are easy to implement. Want to sell an item with a conditional discount, or product bundles with built-in volume discount tiers? Or want to offer Rewards Points for purchases, or conditional upsells during checkout? What about selling Voucher Sets or creating rules around Promo Code use? All no problem with 29 Next Offers.

Designing a Dynamic Offer is easy via 29 Next’s Dashboard UI.

First, choose from a broad range of pre-defined Incentives, and apply your Offer to All Products, a Range of Products, or an individual Product.

Incentive examples:

  • Discount a fixed % percentage off of the Product’s value
  • Discount a fixed $ amount off of the Product's value
  • Get the cheapest product in the cart for free
  • Get the Products that meet the Condition for a fixed price
  • Discount a fixed amount off of the shipping cost
  • Discount a % percentage off of the shipping cost
  • Get shipping for a fixed price

Simply define the value of your incentive, the number of items it can or must apply to, or alternatively define custom incentives for your Offers.

Next, you can set up Conditions for when your Offer should be applied. For example, your Offer can depend on the number of items, the value of items, or the specific items being present in the customer’s cart. Additionally, you can choose to apply the Incentive only to Subscription orders, or to only the first order in a subscription to allow for special pricing during ‘trial periods’.

Finally, implement Restrictions such as:

  • Customized Start and End Dates for the Offer
  • Limiting the number of times an Offer can be applied, globally, per-customer, or per cart.
  • Capping the maximum discount allowed
  • Make the Offer “Exclusive” and non-stackable with other promotions.

You can assign Priority to all of your Offers, so that multiple offers can run at the same time, with the highest priority offer taking precedence.

Dynamic Offers can be applied to customer carts for live shopping in the web store or on Funnels, or you can choose to package the same promotions and incentives in customizable ways:

  • Coupon Codes which carry Incentives, Conditions and Restrictions according to your custom needs.
  • Voucher Sets which allow you to create a pre-set range of unique codes that carry the same discounts, promotions, and conditions of your offers, with built-in tracking and reporting.
  • Loyalty Rewards Points are built into every 29 Next store by default. Points are a unique value-added incentive for your Offers and promotions, redeemable in your store alongside other payment methods as an option.

Every option is easy to set up, manage, and track for even non-technical users. Reports show the value and cost of promotions, and the orders resulting from each Offer, allowing for custom sales attribution in a simple and powerful way. No other ecommerce platform offers the depth of promotional options, tracking, and attribution out of the box as 29 Next.

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