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Incumbent digital brands have large existing investments in content and customer acquisition, across a wide variety of media. Personalizing and automating the shopping experience without having to develop custom functionality is the best and least costly approach to growth. We understand the trade-offs that many brands face as they grow, so 29 Next puts the power of the platform in developers’ hands.

Developers can use 29 Next’s flexible APIs to bring deep ecommerce and CRM features to your customer-facing properties. Integrations with 29 Next can help reduce technical overhead and development costs, while bringing new features without any lock-in, maintenance overhead, or strings attached.

Storefront API

The Storefront API enables programmable ecommerce through access to every underlying element of your store.

  • Products, including Ranges and Variants
  • Checkout flow & Upsell bumps
  • Customer Carts including Dynamic Offers
  • Customer Orders
  • Account Management

Admin API

The Admin API offers a wide range of APIs to manage your store and back office. It provides extensive access to create and manage your Products, Customers, Orders, and other business case-uses such as:

  • Import Customers - import customers and leads from any existing sales channels and databases to your store for future ecommerce marketing engagement.
  • Import Products - import and update products real-time from your ERP system to your store to streamline and optimize your business operations.
  • Import Orders - import from other sales channels to process through your ecommerce store with automated fulfillment and remarketing flows.
  • Event Subscriptions - create webhook event subscriptions to receive updates to take action or to build custom two-way app integrations with your store.

The Admin API provides programmatic access to support your custom business use cases.


Every 29 Next store features a full suite of Webhook Events to subscribe to to receive updates as JSON data, and take action on the API. Combining Webhook Events and the Admin API powers unlimited two-way integrations, automations, and custom business logic. A few examples of webhook events:

  • Cart Abandonment - receive shopping cart abandonment notifications to add into a custom workflow for remarketing, ad platform retargeting and custom audience building, and marketing automation tools.
  • Order Created/Updated - receive updates on orders to signal third party platforms or internal workflows to take action.
  • Customer Created/Updated - receive updates to customers accounts to keep your custom CRM, ERP, or other platforms in sync with customer records.

Webhooks can be created via API or via the Dashboard, giving your whole team full control to subscribe to events and supercharge your workflows.

29 Next is built on Amazon Web Services, leveraging auto-scaling technology and multi-availability zone redundancy. Uptime and scalability will never be limited.

Contact us today to learn more about our APIs, apply for access to the development Sandbox, and learn how brands are leveraging programmable ecommerce to build incredible customer experiences.

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